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Sean Stewart – Would you really do that

Would Sean Stewart really add this license plate frame to his black Bmw 645?

Sean Stewart BMW 645 License Plate Frame

Guess Who Else has a BMW HYdrogen 7

Jeremy Piven BMW Hydrogen 7
When will I get my shot with the BMW Hydrogen 7? Rumor has it that Jeremy Piven is number 3 on the BMW celebrity list which lands himself with his very own BMW Hydrogen 7.

Props to Celebrity Car Parade at Myride.com for breaking the story!

Jay Leno Gets His BMW Hydrogen 7

Will Ferrell was the first customer to receive a BMW Hydrogen 7, the latest uber eco-friendly vehicle from BMW but just this week, BMW handed out their second one of these to none other then car enthusiast number one, Jay Leno.

Jay Leno's BMW Hydrogen 7