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RDBLA Reset’s Julius Randle’s BMW i8

Julius Randle plays for the Lakers and as you can imagine, doesn’t drive stock even when it’s a lease!  

Check out RWB taking the car back to stock including wrap removal and some basic touchup.

Rapper Logic Got a BMW i8

Logic is an up and coming rapper who’s song “1-800-273-8355” exploded on the charts last year. He’s had several hit features on other songs as well and overall is becoming someone in the music game to look out for. I was curious to see what kind of car (or cars) he may drive and I was pleasantly surprised to see that he has a white BMW i8. Celebrities seemed to flock to the i8 when it first came out, but since then we haven’t seen too many driving it. I love the i8, especially in white, so it’s nice to see Logic enjoying his as well.

Logic i8

Source: Instagram

Rapper Khalid is Doing Well for Himself

Khalid is relatively new rapper who’s really come in to his own this year, and we all know that with success, a new lineup of cars is often bound to follow. Such is the case with Khalid, who in the past few months has shared pictures of two of his latest purchases. One is sweet blue BMW M6 Gran Coupe and the other is a your standard Hollywood Range Rover, but his wrapped in matte army green. As I said, the Rover is nothing out of the ordinary but I love the Gran Coupe’s and I love this color on it! Keep it up, Khalid!

Khalid M6

Khalid Rover

Source: Instagram

Ben Affleck Has a New Sport Bike

We can always count on Ben Affleck to bring something to the table with his rides, as he has quite a variety between his Hellcat, his Lexus and his old school Deville. Now it seems as if Ben wanted to take a break from cars and take a chance with a sport bike. I vaguely remember seeing him on a bike in the past, but if I remember correctly is was more of a cafe racer. Either way, he’s recently been spotted on a new BMW 1000RR and that’s one hell of a bike. As someone who’s had a 1000 in Los Angeles, and also gotten in to an accident on said bike, I just want to say that I wish Ben luck! Driving any bike in Los Angeles is extremely dangerous, but especially one with that kind of power.

Ben Affleck Sport bike

Ben Affleck bike 2

Source: Zimbio

What Is Soulja Boy Driving Today? Well, A Bentley, BMW, & Rolls

I have no idea what Soulja Boy is doing anymore, but he still seems to be enjoying buying (or probably just borrowing) new cars! The latest lineup of rides is fairly basic and predictable, but still pretty sweet. First you have the Bentley Continental GT which, aside from the awful wheels he’s put on it, is probably my favorite. Such a badass car. Next he has been rockin’ a Rolls-Royce Wraith. I actually really like the dark grey with black accents. It’s definitely not classy like the car was intended to be, but it still looks good! Lastly is his BMW X6. I guarantee you the only reason he picked it up is because it was recently featured in Desiigner’s hit song “Panda”… “White X6 look like a Panda“.  Props to you Soulja Boy for continuing to share your rides, regardless of how you are getting them!

Soulja Boy Car Collection Soulja Boy Rolls-Royce Wraith Soulja Boy BMW X6 M Panda

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