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Ben Affleck Shops With Family In their Lexus Luxury Hybrid

Ben Affleck was seen shopping at Brentwood Farmer’s Market with his wife Jennifer Garner and two adorable kids. If you ask me, that Lexus luxury hybrid sedan doesn’t look luxurious at all with those shopping bags piled on top of the hood.

Ben Affleck Lexus Hybrid

Boring Jeep for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

We’ve spotted Ben in some cool cars before but this is a pretty bad low for Ben. Check out the plain-jane Jeep.

Boring Jeep for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
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Ben Affleck Rolls Hard in a Mercedes S63

So what Ben Affleck has dropped out of the tabloids. He is busying playing daddy, and running around Los Angeles in his Mercedes S63.

Ben Affleck in a Mercedes S63

Ben Affleck's Mercedes S63


Ben Affleck Drives a Audi S8

Looks like Ben Affleck is driving and accumulating parking tickets in nothing less than a Audi S8 which as many of us know, it’s not just a big old family car. The Audi S8 that Ben Affleck is seen climbing in to here starts at a base price of $92,000.

The Audi S8 is an extremely fast, hard-accelerating luxury sedan that exhibits none of the ride and comfort compromises that too often limit the appeal of more hardcore sport sedans and is powered by a the same Lamborghini V-10 found in the Lamborghini Gallardo!

Ben, I love the Daytona Gray Audi S8, thumbs up.

Ben Affleck  picks up a parking ticket on his Audi S8

Ben Affleck smiles the ticket off and gets in his Audi S8