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50 Cent’s Tokyo Drift Impression

50 Cent is a guy who we honestly don’t see enough of here at Celebrity Cars Blog. And if this is what he’s up to in his spare time, we want to see a lot more!

50 Cent’s Street Legal Jet Car Will Blow You Away

SyFy’s new show, Dream Machines features brothers Shanon and Marc from Parker Brothers Concepts, who take their clients car fantasies and turn them into crazy realities. One of their clients was none other than 50 Cent himself and the final product was a “jet car” on Asanti wheels that’s actually street legal. I’d really love to see 50 driving around in this thing! Who would you like to see as their next celeb client??

Check out the short video below or watch the full episode here.

50 Cent Dream Machine Jet Car 50 Cent Dream Machine

Shout out to tyrrell for the tip!

Photo Source: SyFy.com

50 Cent Spends His Weekend At Daytona 500

It’s true! Celebrities really are just like us and they get stuck in traffic just like us. We headed to Daytona 500 this weekend and 50 Cent made the trip too. 50 made sure to post his experience on Instagram with a series of photos ranging from siting in traffic to sitting in the pits.

50 posted this photo with the caption “Daytona is the best I’m loving this”.

50 Cent Daytona 500




















50 Cent Daytona 50 Cent Daytona 500


50 Cent Cops a Ferrari FF

We don’t if this is for real but we hope it is because the Ferrari FF is a sick car.  See the video after the jump!

50 Cent Ferrari FF Continue Reading

50 Cent’s Signature Blue Motorcycle

50 Cent was spotted running around Los Angeles on his motorcycle with his signature blue paint and a matching shirt. What do you think of 50’s signature blue color?

50 Cent Motorcycle