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Travis Barker Showing Off His Chevy Blazer

A while ago we showed you a glimpse of Travis Barker’s Chevy K5 Blazer project near completion. Recently though he took to Instagram to show off what appears to be the finished product. The artsy shots with the LA skyline in the background are cool, but we wouldn’t be disappointed to see some shots of it playing in the desert!

Travis Barker Chevy K5 Blazer Travis Barker Chevy Blazer

Source (@travisbarker)

One Response to Travis Barker Showing Off His Chevy Blazer

  1. Michael Burk says:

    First off love the Blazer in the Picture above I have a 2002 Chevy Blazer that was my Dads he gave it to me and it needs a lot to it that needs fixed inside and outside but I can’t find parts for it and I would love to fix it back to all original but if I could I would like to put a small block in it right now it has the 4.6 in it but one of the main things it needs is interior door panels and armrest for doors I have looked everywhere for them.
    My dad he is 70 years old and he always had a blazer I remember back when I was 8 or 9 years old my dad his first blazer and I was 8 years old because I remember my dad and I we was going to take the top off and my mom had to been picked up from work because I think her battery went dead but looking back I wish we would of taken it off but it was just my dad and me we probably wouldn’t of gotten it off let alone put back on unless we got some help but anyways my dad gave this Blazer to me it’s a 2002 and when he did it ran good but it was starting to go down quick and it did but now I would love to have it rebuilt and now after 21 years of being married my wife and I we’ve had three miscarriages and back in 2014 around this time of the year we find out that my wife is almost 7 months pregnant and now we have a 18 month old daughter and I would love to give her this Blazer and some how and some way I’m going to we Live in Kentucky and it’s just us three here in Ky my wife my daughter and me my wife’s family and my family they all live in Indiana and it’s just so hard for our daughter to see her grandparents its gotten hard for my parents to drive almost 5 hours to visit and my wife’s mom she has cancer and she can’t go too far and a vehicle anymore and I’m working any where from 8.5 to 12 hours a day just to make ends meet right now my wife got fired from work because our daughter was sick running a 104 degrees fever and throwing up we had to take her to the Emergency room May 15th at 7:30pm and didn’t get home until 2:45am the next morning well my wife called in to stay home with our daughter like any other Mothers would do well I guess working for General Motors they don’t care about your family I know I have been working for them now 23 years but that’s not what I’m writing this letter about I’m writing this letter to see if you would know where I can find parts for my Blazer or if you would know of someone good that rebuilds them if you do and if you could or can I would really appreciate it if you could Point me to someone that would do one of the 2 or both

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