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Chris Brown Adds The New Rezvani Beast To His Collection

The Rezvani isn’t exactly your mainstream kinda car and lets be honest, Chris Brown isn’t exactly your mainstream kinda guy so it’s really no surprise that he’s the first celebrity to own the new Rezvani Beast. The Rezvani is hand built from pure carbon fiber, goes 0-60 in just 2.7 seconds and starts at a price tag of $165,000.

Chris decided he needed something new to add to his ever-changing, rather eclectic collection and the Rezvani seemed fit the bill. Question is, will he leave it how it is or customize it like he’s done with just about every car he’s ever owned.

To learn more about the Rezvani, check out the video below.

Chris Brown Rezvani Beast

Chris Brown Rezvani
Photos (@chrisbrownpfficial)

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