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EJ Johnson’s Mercedes-Benz G63

Magic Johnson’s son EJ Johnson, who also stars on E’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, was spotted stepping out of his white Mercedes-Benz G63 in Beverly Hills recently.

Photo (Zimbio)

EJ Johnson Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Photo (@ejjohnson_)

6 Responses to EJ Johnson’s Mercedes-Benz G63

  1. Ace says:

    Is that “guy” wearing stockings and holding a purse? Just shows what kind of “men” like Gay wagons lol

    • MateoM says:

      Or it shows the kind of homophobic turd you are. Welcome to the 21st century. Sorry you got stuck with the brain of a neanderthal.

    • Kellan says:

      While you’re sitting there typing hate behind a keyboard… hes getting paid to do that and doing what he wants to do while you sitting there being broke…

  2. bum says:

    well, he’s gay so it’s not that surprising

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