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Gordon Ramsay Picks Up a Ferrari LaFerrari

It looks like Lewis Hamilton isn’t the only famous Brit running around with a new Ferrari LaFerrari. Gordon Ramsay was spotted on the streets of London with his own LaFerrari recently. Ramsay also shared photos of his new Ferrari on his Instagram page with the caption, “holy mackerel its fast”. Ramsay’s no stranger to Ferrari — he’s had quite a few Ferrari’s in his garage over the years including this white Ferrari 458 Italia.

Gordon Ramsay Ferrari LaFerrari

Photo Source (@gordongram)

Shout out to Chris for the tip!

2 Responses to Gordon Ramsay Picks Up a Ferrari LaFerrari

  1. Rohan says:

    wow nice car …

  2. Howard Lew says:

    A man does not make a car, he’s still a “prick”.

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