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Did Scott Disick Really Just Pickup a Bugatti Veyron??

About a week ago, Calabasas Luxury Motorcars shared a photo of a Bugatti Veyron on their Instagram page and now, that Bugatti is sitting in Scott Disick’s garage. Disick just shared a photo of the Bugatti with the caption, “Good night little girl”. Do you think he really dropped the cash or is he just borrowing it from the dealer? Either way, it’s sick.

What do you think?

Scott Disick Bugatti

Photo (@letthelordbewithyou)

Scott Disick Bugatti Veyron

Disick Bugatti

Photos (@clm91302)

Shout out to johnathan for the tip!

9 Responses to Did Scott Disick Really Just Pickup a Bugatti Veyron??

  1. CrazyMTF says:

    Scott only rents them for a while then give them back he always does that.

  2. Yeah123 says:

    Yeah, he’s really good friends with the owner Benny and a lot of times either borrows his cars for a short period of time or rents them for longer until he gets bored of it.

    He’s not as loaded as you’d think people, the dude just has a crazy obsession with cars which isn’t a bad thing if you ask me!

  3. james says:

    STFU^ youre such a hater. Go kill yourself. Do you have his bank statements?

  4. Rate My Ride says:

    That is one hell of a ride

  5. Yallah says:

    I believe her rents them also, but I gootta hand it to him he Took the kardashian family straight to the bank if it was not for them he would be a nobody and If was me I would do the same thing.. have fun while it lassssss

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