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Travis Barkers “Murdered Out” Rolls Royce Wraith

Travis Barker loves his classic rides but that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy new cars too, and this Rolls Royce Wraith is exactly that. Barker took a selfie inside his new Rolls Royce a few weeks ago but he recently shared this exterior photo after having the guys at Platinum Motorsport work their magic and even though this photo doesn't show the whole car we can imagine it looks pretty sick.

Travis Barker Rolls Royce Wraith

Travis Barker Rolls Royce
Source (@travisbarker)
Shout out to Dani for the tip

One Response to Travis Barkers “Murdered Out” Rolls Royce Wraith

  1. Dillon18 says:

    There is some more pics of the car on platinum’s IG page @platinum_group

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