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Blake Griffin, Where’s Your Kia?!

You’d think Blake Griffin would be cruising around town in a new K900 since he’s endorsed by Kia but instead, cameras spotted Griffin stopping by a Los Angeles gas station to fill up his Mercedes Benz earlier this week.

Source (Zimbio)

5 Responses to Blake Griffin, Where’s Your Kia?!

  1. Brandon says:

    Strange he’s at a gas station. I saw a pic of him in a Tesla.

  2. Joel K says:

    Is that a C-Class? I was trying to tell by the mirrors, but Mercedes has been using that design on almost all of their mirrors of late.

  3. Ace says:

    I believe it’s a 2010-12 S class. The mirrors are slightly different than the C class and you can vaguely see the vented hood.

  4. Kellan says:

    Well no one can tell what car it is because they didnt get the car itself…

  5. JP says:

    KIA pulled out from sponsoring the Clippers after the Donald Sterling scandal. Don’t now if they did the same to Blake.

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