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Justin Bieber: My First Bugatti

Justin Bieber shared a photo of himself in a red Bugatti Veyron today. Based on the caption, “Uncle Stunna luv. My first Bugatti”, it’s hard to know what the story is. Did Birdman buy it for him? Is it Birdman’s? Is it actually the Biebs’ new ride? What do you guys think the story is? Either way, I’m sitting here shaking my head this morning.

UPDATE: We think this car was a gift for Justin and was recently purchased by Birdman from the Fort Lauderdale Collection. (See it here)

Justin Bieber Bugatti
Source (@justinbieber)
Shout out to Kevin for the tip

17 Responses to Justin Bieber: My First Bugatti

  1. Emkay says:

    Yeah probably his new ride. If you have that much money why not. Kinda jealous

    • The Big Guy says:

      Those rims are the worst color match ones ive seen in forever. Red and chrome is nasty IMO. Red and Gloss black is much better.

  2. Peter says:

    Birdman has the same one so prob Birdmans’. Although agree he can def afford it. Weird I hated him when he was preppy; now he’s gone all gangster on us (like Aaron Carter gangster steroids version) and he’s the ultimate douche’.

  3. Matt says:

    I don’t think that is birdman’s, it is the updated version not like bird man’s. Same colours though.

  4. Hov says:

    Birdman bought him this bugatti

    Stunna cant pay his artists but he can go out and buy a little white boy a bugatti LOLOLOL

  5. Celeb says:

    Not birdmans… Birds is a 2008 veyron 16.4. This is a 2012 Grand Sport (Convertible) Frankfurt auto show edition

    • CrazyMTF says:

      Yeah check out the head lights Birdman’s lenses were triple eye’s this one has four.If he’s still in Miami it’s a rental but if he’s in LA it’s most likely his.Also this is just a shout out to Birdman because its red.

      • NUMBA 1 GUNNA says:

        Cant be a rental, cant rent a bugatti.

      • Random says:

        Sooo… You cant rent a car in LA? You know 90% of the cars seen that celebrities drive are leased and rented.

        As soon as any of these gangster rappers gets their record deal, they lease a fucking lamborghini and buy a gold rolex to flash with.

  6. seanrb says:

    can’t be from the Fort Lauderdale collection. this one looks like it has black interior, the Fort Lauderdale one has red interior.

  7. ThatDude says:

    I need different friends…

  8. JP says:

    Baba Booey

  9. angelo willems says:

    Its biebers cause birdmans inside is red and this one is black so its his bugatti

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