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Floyd Mayweather’s Bugattis

What’s better than one Bugatti? Two Bugattis. And Floyd Mayweather’s garage is where you can find them. We knew he had the white Veyron but the other one is news to us. You know you have too many cars when you start seeing double Bugatti’s. The ECU Tuning Group shared the photo when they were at Mayweather’s house working on the cars last week.

Floyd Mayweather Bugatti
Source (@ecutuninggroup)
Shout out to Kah Zie Lim for the tip!

17 Responses to Floyd Mayweather’s Bugattis

  1. Bonnie says:

    Sweet ride!

  2. Ryan says:

    Doesn’t make any sense getting same bugatti he should’ve got the vitesse or some special edition veyron which he could get easily these normal bugatti are ugly vitesse is way more beautiful and powerful.

  3. Ace says:

    Why spend over a million on something you already have? Should have bought a koenigsegg or pagani with that money, but I guess no one ever said he was smart.

  4. Lambo says:

    you speak of smart yet mention horrible mpg cars.

    If you are smart you will have a Tesla, not these absolute wasteful video game cars.

    Bugatti does no good for the world and their car is highly overrated and overpriced.

  5. Jdubs says:

    ^^ I think B wants aces D lol

  6. Ace says:

    Just because you make a lot of money doesn’t make you smart you retard lol. Guy probably couldn’t even pass a GED test. Typical ghetto trash that thinks moneys the only goal in life. Have fun being a slave to money.

    • CrazyMTF says:

      Awww look at the little jealous bitch your college degree couldn’t get you job.

      • Ace says:

        Lol you’re right, it didn’t get me a job, it got me a CAREER.Go ahead, keep making shit up about me, it just makes you look more more like the worthless piece of shit you are. Your daddy should have shot you in your mothers mouth.

        • CrazyMTF says:

          You’re life must be really fucked up when being a bitch is you’re career choice.But what I’ve been seeing lately you’re really good at it and I
          can totally see you’re dedication.

          Keep up the good work!:-P

  7. Roy says:


    Your a hater! I have 2 college degrees and a good career. However I have not accomplished no were near what Floyd Maywether has. I will say that most analysts agree that he is a marketing genius. Just look at kiss PPV numbers.

  8. Sebhelyesfarku says:

    it’s Bugattis not Bugatti’s

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