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Video: T.I. Shows Off His Car Collection

Just a couple months back, we did a story on T.I.’s car collection with a few still photos from a video shoot. The video is finally out now and you can check it out below. T.I. talks about his current car collection and how when he was just a kid,┬áhis uncle used to pick him up in a turquoise Porsche with LL Cool J’s “Going Back To Cali” bumping on the stereo. He also talks about his first car, a 1985 Cutlass Supreme that he ever bought when he was just 14 years old. He then goes on to his current car collection including his Rolls-Royce Ghost, his new Range Rover Autobiography, his Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT, and his Bentley Continental. It’s a great video but I have one question, where’s his Mulsanne?!

Source (YouTube)

Shout outs to Ken, carlover, and pounds for all the tips!

4 Responses to Video: T.I. Shows Off His Car Collection

  1. CrazyMTF says:

    Thats not all his cars he also has a MayBach and some old school wips too.

  2. zanep says:

    he has a few nice cars, but i had to stop the video short, his vehicle descriptions were excructiating. hopefully he doesnt decide to make a career change to selling premium automobiles

  3. Abdullah says:

    This is my best type of cars

  4. Charles says:

    Tip bring one of them old classics to Triple C Auto Clinic in Jacksonville, AR. So we can put some wet wet on it. #AllKandy

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