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Carey Hart’s New Dodge Durango

Carey Hart has a new ride and he’s pretty excited about it. Hart shared a photo of his new Dodge Durango on Instagram with the caption, “So pumped on my new Dodge Durango!!!! This thing is unreal.” He’s had a Durango before and we spotted him driving it back in 2011. Guess it was time for an upgrade!

What do you think of the Durango?

Carey Hart Dodge Durango
Source (@hartluck)

3 Responses to Carey Hart’s New Dodge Durango

  1. Anders says:

    What do I think?

    I think the he politely should ask Chrysler if he can be allowed to end the contract he has with Dodge about plugging the Durango. Then he can do the right thing for his daughter, and ask Pink to buy him a Tesla Model S.

  2. Knox says:

    I think he can do a whole lot better than a Durango…

  3. Hov says:

    a durango is unreal? LOL

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