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The Founder Of Zillow Drives a Mustang GT

I’m always intrigued to learn what various executives drive, especially when it’s someone from a company I like. Case and point is Richard Barton, the CEO of Zillow and formerly of Expedia. Thanks to a recent article posted at Geekwire, I learned that Richard Barton choses to drive a 2013 Ford GT California Custom. For an exec who can probably drive anything he chooses, this is quite the odd Seattle car. The Ford GT rivals cars like the BMW M3 which I would say is a much more popular car in Seattle. Or perhaps a Porsche Cayenne would better fit. I can think of a number of cars but the Ford Mustang is not one.

So what car would you expect an exec like Rich Barton to be driving?

Image source: Drew Phillips via Mustangs Daily

2 Responses to The Founder Of Zillow Drives a Mustang GT

  1. Zane says:

    Doesnt have to be the most expensive car, with the biggest engine, and the most expensive possible custom work done to make it a better car. Sometimes a subtle gesture is classier than any whip. Personally like his taste in muscle

  2. Who cares says:

    I doubt this is his only car.

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