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This Is How Rob Dyrdek Rolls In Traffic Now

Rob Dyrdek’s new murdered out “Street Jet” Chevy Suburban is one badass way to commute. Dyrdek posted these two photos to his Instagram account yesterday with the caption, “This is my new view of traffic..if you live in LA you understand the power of the STREET JET..I lose an entire workday every week sitting in traffic..those days are done.”

Rob Dyrdek Chevy Tahoe

Rob Dyrdek Suburban

(Photos: @robdyrdek)


3 Responses to This Is How Rob Dyrdek Rolls In Traffic Now

  1. Donconjo says:

    You will get carsick reading and stuff while sitting in the back

  2. Bella Mafia says:

    You should totally hire me as d.d. Never have I ever drank so I wouldn’t mind it. Prob the coolest boss ever!! Big Cat thanks for the opp!!

  3. Chris Faling says:

    Bigccats an idiot.I’ll drive that bad bitch.

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