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The Lebron James Sneaker Inspired Lamborghini Aventador

Lebron James’ all-new shoe, the Lebron 11 was unveiled at a recent event in Miami. Lou La Vie, Nike, Lebron James, DJ Irie, Toys for Boys Miami, and artisan Rich B. Caliente collaborated together to create this custom Lamborghini Aventador Roadster inspired by the inside of the new shoe. They created the car specifically for the Lebron 11 event and if you’re located in South Florida you can check out the Aventador while it’s on display for the next week through Lou La Vie and Toys for Boys Miami.

The Aventador definitely seems like a popular ride to wrap these days. Just recently Tyga wrapped his new roadster rose gold, Nicki Minaj wrapped hers bubblegum pink, and Chris Brown went cameo.

(Video: YouTube)

Lebron James Lamborghini

(Photo: Autospies)

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