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Steve Carrell Cruises In His Porsche

Who knew Steve Carrell was a Porsche driver?! Carrell was spotted cruising around the streets of Los Angeles in his silver Porsche Turbo recently. This is the first time we’ve ever spotted Carrell out driving and I have to say, I like his style!

Steve Carrell Porsche Turbo Steve Carrell Porsche

4 Responses to Steve Carrell Cruises In His Porsche

  1. chris says:

    That’s a Turbo S

  2. RRGHOST says:

    Perfect choice for Steve! Classy, fun, and funny; Just like a Porsche! Way to go Steve!

  3. jj014 says:

    Steven Tyler 😛

  4. Brendan Higgins says:

    That’s not steve carrell…..

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