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Justin Bieber Switches Things Up

From the looks of it, Justin Bieber felt like it was time for a change and decided to switch his Ferrari 458 from white to matte blue recently. The Biebs was spotted driving his new blue Ferrari around Los Angeles last week. What color do you like more, the white on white or this new blue on black?

Justin Bieber Ferrari

Justin Bieber Ferrari

Photos: X17Online

Shout outs to Barrett, Ken, Chris, and carlover for all the tips! 😉

5 Responses to Justin Bieber Switches Things Up

  1. u wot m8 says:

    Looks much better than before, except the badge, seriously what the fuck.

  2. Jesus says:

    Blue looks much better

  3. david gutierrez says:

    Looks much more better!!! But big fail!!!! look the door inside is still white!!!!! man paint or wrap that mofo inside nikka!!!

  4. John says:

    nice ride – all you guys just stop dissing JT – he’s a talent and it shows. Man, that guy’s got taste – Go Canuck!!

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