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Chris Brown Covers A Porsche Panamera In Graffiti

So apparently Chris Brown thinks he is a professional and decided to customize this Porsche Panamera by tagging it with his own signature graffiti art. His on again, off again girlfriend, Karrueche Tran doesn’t look very impressed with it either. I’m not sure if this is her blue Panamera that Brown gave her a while back and it’s white now or what but anyway you look at it, it’s unfortunate. I think her face pretty much sums up how I’m feeling about this too.

Chris Brown Karrueche Tran Porsche
(Photos: Facebook)

Shout out to zico and Nick for the tips!

12 Responses to Chris Brown Covers A Porsche Panamera In Graffiti

  1. John Harvey says:

    Great Work by Chris Brown!!!

    The Car is looking Awesome…

    Kudos Chris 🙂

  2. jj014 says:

    It looks kinda weird but then again it looks awesome 🙂

  3. Harry says:

    That chick is hot!

  4. trickat says:

    I wish he’d stop destroying cars… it makes me sad

  5. zorb says:

    At least mask out the lights more. Traffic cops 101 lesson. Karrueche Tran will be covered in Tattoos in 6 months time. How sad.

  6. Tyq says:

    What is he five?

  7. JP says:

    Cmon he didn’t do it himself. He hit her and told her to do it.

  8. ravi says:

    would definitely drive it kind of like a hotwheels or tokyo tuner

  9. V says:

    He always finds a way to make each car uglier than the last.

  10. Dan says:

    Not a good look!

  11. Brian says:

    He has destroyed a perfectly wonderful automobile.

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