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Ben Baller’s Ballin In A Ferrari 458

Looks like Ben Baller needs a bigger garage — or at least one more parking space because he just picked up a brand new Ferrari 458. From the photo he posted on Instagram, it looks like the car is sitting at Platinum Motorsport for now. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how he customizes this one!

Ben Baller Ferrari 458

Shout outs to Jason and anders for sending in the tips!

2 Responses to Ben Baller’s Ballin In A Ferrari 458

  1. neeb says:

    I dont think b is really his. There is nov way he is making that much money from jewelry.

  2. mav says:


    You really don’t know anything about jewelry do you? What do you think that being a jewelry salesman brings in pennies? Perhaps you should visit some upscale jewelry store to see how much high class jewelry costs.

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