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The Game Posing In Someone’s Veyron Again

Last time it was Bijan’s Veyron, any guesses as to who owns this one?

the game posing in Bugatti

7 Responses to The Game Posing In Someone’s Veyron Again

  1. Gutterville says:

    Still Nicolas Bijan son’s Bugatti.

  2. Ricardo says:

    I sent in this pic just today quick post

  3. chase says:

    game has a veyron. vh1 went 50/50 with him in his tv deal for “marring the game”

  4. Techart says:

    Maybe it’s the one that Mayweather just bought, it is no longer for sale on dupont.

  5. DJ Sticks says:

    I have a couple of celebs myself, but how do I send in a tip to you all?

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