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Drew Barrymore Drives To The Gym In A Range Rover

Believe it or not this is the first time I’ve seen Drew Barrymore driving. Drew was spotted stepping out of a black Range Rover to go to the gym in Los Angeles earlier this week. I have to say, I would have guessed she’d be more of a Prius type but then again, what celebrity doesn’t have a Range Rover.

Drew Barrymore Range Rover

2 Responses to Drew Barrymore Drives To The Gym In A Range Rover

  1. Molle says:

    “Tata motor overpaid enormously for Jaguar/Land Rover”. But apparently it was not so! A classic is a classic, like Chanel no 5. Women and their SUVĀ“s. Back in the days James Dean drive porsche 550, a cute and feminine sport car? And now Brad Pitt Chanel no 5? Evoque model? No luck so far in the ultra premium line…

  2. Arthur Stevenson says:

    Believe it or not most celebrities prefer Land Rover than any other car and most of them do customize their own Land rover, I remember Joe Haden from the Cleveland Browns got his car customized at Rim Source Motorsports. The wheels are painted white and black two tone with a color matched white lip. The Range seems to be sitting high a little bit but that can be adjusted automatically with a push of the button inside the car. Even though this mesh wheel design is used more for sports cars, it actually works on the Range Rover.

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