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DJ Afrojack Picks Up An Aventador

Looks like DJ Afrojack has picked up a new Lamborghini Aventador — lets just hope he actually knows how to drive this one because if you remember, his track record with the Ferrari 458 sure isn’t great.

DJ Afrojack Lamborghini

Shout out to MLR for the tip!

Photo Source: Autoblog.nl

7 Responses to DJ Afrojack Picks Up An Aventador

  1. Firebird says:

    BAAAD color choice for the interior

  2. Andrew says:

    I hear it’s going to be the new Bumblebee in the next Transformers movie.

    That interior, ew.

  3. snook715 says:

    Yellow calipers like Kanye’s. Does anyone know if he, Kanye West, sold his whip or if this is possibly it? I second that the interior looks like it has some wal mart seat covers on it.

  4. JKA says:

    I’m clearly in the wrong line of work.

  5. ryan says:

    well i think, black and yellow combination’s looking good!

  6. Rick says:

    Not his car. Is an r8, rs6r, m6. Was for dutch video

  7. Bese says:

    It is huis car. I saw hij and huis friends in huis 458,r8 and aventador

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