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Victoria Beckham Gets Behind The Wheel Of Her Special Edition Evoque

It’s not very often Victoria Beckham actually drives herself around town but just yesterday, Victoria was spotted driving around the streets of London in her specially designed Range Rover Evoque. Each of the special edition Evoques come with a matte-gray finish, glossy black accents, and baseball-stitched leather interior. We’re surprised it took so long to spot her driving it around — considering she designed it herself you’d think she’d have a few laying around!

Victoria Beckham Range Rover Victoria Beckham Range Rover Evoque

Shout out to William for the quick tip!

6 Responses to Victoria Beckham Gets Behind The Wheel Of Her Special Edition Evoque

  1. Kip says:

    Nice paint and wheels.

  2. Brian says:

    Looks way better than the other Evoques, I like it

  3. molle says:

    The Evoque is a kind of a “Mini Cooper or Cayman S” among the Range Rovers. Never had much luck among the celebs. Although its a cool, fun, cute, trendy, metrosexual and luxurious… And you can go on. Its a very modern quality SUV. Based on the lrx coupe concept smash hit! Brand management was a bit stressed and volume based. Brand mystique suffered. But a marketing genius thing was 22 Range Rover logos on it, like Land Rover did.

  4. car says:

    Great looking car

  5. Marko says:

    Excellent car… I would like to have a Special Edition Evoque… 🙂

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