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Scott Disick Picks Up ANOTHER Ride – This Time It’s A Classic

It can be hard enough keeping up with the Kardashian’s but sometimes it can be even harder keeping up with what Scott Disick’s driving. Most recently, Scott was spotted picking up  a 1968 Chevy Camaro at Calabasas Luxury Motorcars. Doesn’t  really seem like a typical “Lord Disick” type of ride to me. What do you think? I’m guessing Kourtney probably doesn’t approve but then again when does she ever approve of anything Scott does.

Scott Disick Camaro Scott Disick Chevy Camaro

Photo Source: Scott Disick Instagram and Black List Instagram

Shout out to Dave for the tip!

11 Responses to Scott Disick Picks Up ANOTHER Ride – This Time It’s A Classic

  1. abhishek says:

    he owns so many cars////

  2. RIANF1 says:

    Dude, do you work for the Kardashians? You seem to know every little detail about these peoples lives! You are a sheep!

  3. homie says:

    got cash, got cars, simple.

  4. search41 says:

    the guys a “tool”. I bet he wraps it around a tree.

  5. golf41790 says:

    So if you are a celebrity in CA do you not need license plates? Must be nice, his Rolls hasn’t had a plate on it since he got it.

    • Joe says:

      I asked this same thing a few days ago lol. Im very curious as to why they never have license plates.

      • Yoyoyo says:

        I’m from cali, anyone can choose not to use their license plates, you will get pulled over more though, you have to have them in the car at all times.

  6. John R. says:

    I love this guy…he’s friggin hilarious, has good taste in cars and f***s grade A p****

    seriously though even more props to him for going classic, although a 300SL roadster would be a better classic fit for him it seems he’s trying to stand out other than the average rolls royce or lamborghini

  7. snobby truth says:

    I bet he has 0 net worth. Just cars. Typical Los Angeles faker. No wealth just financed to the hilt with vehicles.

  8. God says:

    Why red?

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