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Would You Let Your Girlfriend Drive Your Lambo??

Drama Beats did. Chris Paff, AKA Drama, handed his Lamborghini Gallardo keys over to his girlfriend this past weekend. He posted this photo on Instagram with the caption, "Letting @jocechewbacca and @oolalanne take the Lambo today. Hopefully they know how to drive. #SundayFunDay #AsianDriver" 

If it were us we would of told them to forget it and take that Volvo sitting in the background...just sayin'.

Drama Beats Lamborghini

One Response to Would You Let Your Girlfriend Drive Your Lambo??

  1. Hs says:

    But it’s not you, so shut up. Also, it’s “would have…”, not “would of…”, and it wouldn’t kill you to drop a comma or two in there either.

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