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Paul McDonald Loads His Tundra

Paul McDonald is one of very few celebrities that actually own a truck. McDonald was spotted loading what looks like a bag full of garbage into his Toyota Tundra recently. Hey, at least he’s got a hot wife right…

Phil McDonald Toyota Tundra


4 Responses to Paul McDonald Loads His Tundra

  1. Hs says:

    First of all, many celebrities have trucks.

    Second, this one picture bullshit is getting old.

  2. Tapisco says:

    I love this truck…thumbs up

  3. Molle says:

    Its great social realism feel on the blog. Big Tundra built in USA? Japan quality anyway 🙂

  4. george says:

    Owing a full-fledged pickup truck is one of the major passions of nearly all leading celebrities in the present world, and the new Tundra would certainly remain as one of the standalone options in this regard.

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