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Kate Beckinsale’s Riding Around In A What??

So we’ve never actually spotted Kate Beckinsale in any luxurious rides before so we don’t have anything to compare this to but Kate was seen getting into a Pontiac Grand AM recently and we had to do a double take. We know she’s not actually driving it so it’s most likely not hers but still — Beverly Hills in a Grand AM doesn’t happen everyday. To top it all off, it’s not even in good condition. Maybe it’s nice to know not all rich and famous celebrities are running around in Range Rovers and Lambo’s all the time?

Kate Beckinsale Pontiac Kate Beckisale out in West Hollywood, CA


8 Responses to Kate Beckinsale’s Riding Around In A What??

  1. nice2see says:

    she’s beautiful and that’s all that matters, no car will change it. haters suck on it haha

  2. Lala says:

    Have seen a picture of her husband drive a range rover. I don’t think she drives at all!

  3. Gs says:

    Dude who gives a fuck what who is driving anymore? Fuckin a

  4. Molle says:

    The diversification of the supply picture is super. Makes me feel less anxious about my old chipped Beemer 🙂 Nice metallic green paint. Almost like “Thelma and Louise beautiful social realism feel” of the photo.

  5. Cooley High says:

    This the incognito joint…the one that makes paparazzi taking the pic question weather it’s her or not.

  6. ajfatum says:

    It is in fact her car or maybe Len Wiseman’s. However, she does not have a drivers licence and thus cannot drive. The couple also own a silver coloured Range Rover.

  7. D_man says:

    Actually, the green Pontiac belongs to her assistant, who is also the driver on the first picture

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