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The 2011 Lotus “Naomi For Haiti” Evora Is For Sale

A couple years ago, Naomi Campbell teamed with Lotus to auction eight Evora’s with proceeds going toward Haiti relief. One of the cars that sold for half a million dollars to Naomi’s boyfriend is now at the Babelli Motorcar Company in San Diego, CA. The car has been custom painted white from the factory with every option and upgrade available. Below is a photo of the 2011 Lotus Evora with Babelli Motorcar owner, Max Babelli.

Check out all the details of the car and other beautiful cars at the dealership here.

Naomi Campbell Lotus

26 Responses to The 2011 Lotus “Naomi For Haiti” Evora Is For Sale

  1. Michael Lee says:

    I saw this car rolling into Babelli Motor Cars new place in San Diego and I gotta say I was stunned. The gold accent paint in the front and in the wide scoops made the whole car just pop. And looking inside I saw the authentic Naomi for Haiti 1 of 8 placard. It’s low, sexy, and sleek. Evrything about this car would look so good on the streets of Southern California and in my driveway 🙂

  2. Debbie Foreman says:

    What an amazing car. That would be a great investment, 1 of 8 will only go up in value.
    Amazing detail and work put into this special car.

  3. Edward Beans says:

    It’s no surprise that a car as cool as that would end up at Babelli Motors. This is one fancy dealership! Right in the center of America’s Finest city is America’s finest Auto Dealership!

  4. Wardd says:

    Well, I am always curious to know about upcoming models and features for my favorite cars . This cars is absolutely amazing . Also, this genteel man is so handsome i like him 😛

  5. Josh Cliff says:

    This is one of a kind Vehicle that i have seen around in the past years.
    its something i would buy when i become older.. this is Great car for someone who will love to collection, ride,stare, at it while drinking wine,Coffee during the mornings or evenings..
    Max Babelli is the guy who will take care of his clients whoever needs a nice car, either someone who cares alot about their cars .. Max Babelli will take good care of it and send it to the Perfect home and make sure its taken good care by new owner..
    Max is great guy when it comes to Cars,Important business.. Hes always there 24/7..

    Dont wait this is the Perfect car might be gone sooner.. its important to take a peek at his Place in San Diego,CA

    also take look at those other beautiful cars that he has in his floor.. they are Worth your times..

    Sincerely Joshua-

  6. Melania says:

    What a beauty! Mr. Babelli definitley makes the car look even better!!! If you can afford this white beauty then you should definitley call Max. I bought my Bentley from him and had such a great experience working with him. Such a humble man.


  7. Dane Silvestri says:

    One of the most beautiful cars I’ve ever seen and for a great cause. I drove over to the dealership in person and was blown away by the Lotus craftsmanship done for this limited edition car. I didn’t believe it was the 1st of 8 ever made until I saw the badge on the car in person. When I got there and saw the Lotus badge and that the car Only 24 Miles on it I was amazed. What a great collectable sports car. Whoever buys this is one lucky person.

  8. Diane says:

    Max: now that is sexy and I’m not surprised that you have possession.. Not sure how you can let this one go.

  9. Maria Bodelan says:

    Babelli Showroom lies right in the heart of downtown San Diego on 5th avenue, and whether you are a car lover or not it is impossible to pass this showroom without taking a peak at all the classic, elegant and luxurious cars that are showcased.

  10. Eddie Haddad DDS says:

    I bought a couple of cars from max. And I like to visit him even if I am not buying. Very good man and his show room always excites me. He has such good taste in the collection he has and this is one example of an amazing car. Good one Max.

  11. The Lotus has always been one of my favourites. I love the styling

  12. Jeff says:

    Hands down the nicest Evora on the market. Max never disappoints!
    I’ve purchased various automobiles from Babelli Motors and can’t say enough about the impeccable quality and flawless condition of the vehicles Max sells.
    If you haven’t visited his new showroom you’re missing out.

  13. CMoubayed says:

    Babelli motors has always offered a distinguished collection. Mr.Babelli’s showroom is very elegant and definitely one of a kind.

  14. junk cars says:

    I have never heard or seen a lotus before and this is actually a first time to have seen one. I love cars yet I opt for hybrids. This car is an exception though. It looks amazing and really gorgeous.

  15. Lawrence Mason says:

    Babelli always has a wonderful selection of cars and trucks! and Max always seems to find some of the most rarest cars, any car enthusiasts or collector would love to get there hand’s on ! Best selection of cars on the west coast! Congratulations Max this is a rare find and won’t be around to long for you to enjoy.

  16. Bassel Dadouch says:

    Always the best, what a beauty, I like both of you.

  17. bank$ says:

    YAWN……….. This car is boring as shit and will depreciate like crazy because lotus hasnt made a quality car in years.

  18. Aleksandra Schuhmacher says:

    beautiful car come I have not seen him ever live. Beautiful. This is a dream come true. The fulfillment of dreams. I would do anything to be able to see it, take a ride …. Greetings from Polish

  19. Dave says:

    18 comments….are you serious!! All saying it’s a great car buy it & the dealership is amazing go buy from there. Sniff sniff….i smell Bull%$#$ …..by the way i love this blog….please keep it going, i await everyday for a new pic. Thanks!


    Great job, amazing car and successful dealer hope to see Babelli Motorcar in middle east …

  21. Awesome Lotus! Nitrous Garage supplies Babelli Motors with wheels and tires for their vehicles. They have a state of the art showroom, and superb customer service.

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