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This Is How Mitt Romney Rolls Post-Election

Looks like Mitt Romney’s got some extra time on his hands post-election. Romney was spotted getting into an Audi Q7 after hitting the gym in San Diego earlier this week. It’s no Air Force One but it’ll do…

Mitt Romney Audi Q7

Shout out to Craig and Chris for the tips!

9 Responses to This Is How Mitt Romney Rolls Post-Election

  1. Falkonnox says:

    I suppose working out dulls the pain…

  2. RevYourMedia says:

    Didnt he say during the campaign that he only bought American? Maybe i mis heard that.

  3. hahah says:


    He said he’d only drive American cars.

    Another lie. LOL!

  4. GRANT says:

    I saw Mitt last week. He just bought this Audi from Hoehn Audi in Carlsbad, CA. He parked right next to me in Del Mar, CA last week, before going to see Twilight.

  5. AF says:

    Once a Fraud, always a fraud.

  6. Surface Force says:

    GM cars are crap. I realized the “buy American” farce after years of drinking the Kool Aid. Good on Mitt for seeing the light!

  7. math says:

    Audi Q7 is made only in SLOVAKIA

  8. math says:

    audi q7 from Slovakia? :))))) OMG!!!!! LOL … good joke 🙂

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