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Kim Kardashian’s G63 Is Matte Black — Not White

So looks like Kim Kardashian’s G63 really is matte black and not white. Guess she and Kanye wanted to go with his and her’s matching matte black rides. We’re actually glad it’s matte black and not white. What do you think? Is matte black too played out? What would you have done with your G63?

Kim Kardashian G63

Kim Kardashian G Wagon

Kim Kardashian Mercedes G63

Shout out to Finland for the tip!

11 Responses to Kim Kardashian’s G63 Is Matte Black — Not White

  1. RianF1 says:

    ah yes….. I know it couldn’t be but two days before this guy started kissing kim and kanye’s ass again!

  2. Andrew says:

    Matte black isn’t played out if you do it right, and use the right cars.

    The G63 is totally a gangster’s ride, so it makes sense that she’s rocking that aesthetic. Now, is she a Russian mobster? The answer is most decidedly no, but an A for effort either way.

  3. RR GHOST says:

    That is exactly what I would have done with my G63, if I had one. Great color and immense power!

  4. Theoderich says:

    I would do absolutely nothing to my G 63 AMG. It is perfect the way it came out of the factory! 😉
    I don’t like matte paint in general.

  5. dontcare0 says:

    I think its so funny that no matter how much weight this fatass talent less bitch tries to lose she still looks fat!!! oh its probably because shes so fucking short too. How tall is this bitch like 4 feet 5 inches or some shit like that. Its funny that she says shit like I love my curves ha what a crock of shit yeah the problem is that those curves make this bitch look way to fat so she might want to lose the curves cause it aint helping her maybe if she was like 5 feet 10 inches I also find it funny that she will never have her dream of becoming a runway model cause she’s to short, fat, ugly and old she had to use her younger sister because she has what it takes to be a runway model. what a pathetic piece of shit this bitch is oh yeah the car is also just as hideous as this bitch is and if your reading this and you dont agree with me then u can go fuck yourself cause no one cares about your opinion I sure as hell don’t

  6. RianF1 says:

    Finally another anti-kardashian. You sir are my IDOL!

  7. jj says:

    she needs to get rid of the bush guard and the tacky PML front license plate. Otherwise, a major improvement from her white and chrome 63.

  8. Joe b says:

    She never had a white 63. That waS an error by someone who said it was hers. She bought it in black and gave it to platinum Motorsport who turned it into matte black

  9. Jesus says:

    She puts the same damn wheels on every car she gets!

  10. Gmafia says:

    She’s f****** beautiful and whoever says otherwise is a fag and her car is beautiful as well

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