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Behind the Scenes at the Felix Hernandez Video Shoot

Getting a behind the scenes look at photo-shoots, movies, and commercials is one of my favorite things.  I enjoy seeing what people are like and how they choose to spend their time, how clean they keep their garages and things like that.  So when I watched this video from the photo shoot of Felix Hernandez for the SEMA DUB special I couldn't help but ask myself who takes care of Felix's cars!

2 Responses to Behind the Scenes at the Felix Hernandez Video Shoot

  1. FERRARI FF says:

    Why get shitty coustoms like this when you can get a aventador or a 458 Italia.

  2. Romero says:

    The Nissan GT-R is a monster on the road and it’s reasonably cheap. If you buy the car, you need to take it to WCC or to some other place where they can pimp your ride…

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