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This Is One Way To Wash Your Ferrari 458…

Model, actress and Real Housewife Joanna Krupa was spotted giving the paparazzi a real show while washing her white Ferrari 458 Italia recently. Could you imagine if Kim Kardashian did this with her Ferrari 458?

joanna krupa ferrari 458 italia

joanna krupa ferrari 458

Thanks to Kylin for the tip!

11 Responses to This Is One Way To Wash Your Ferrari 458…

  1. Phantom says:

    This is not her Ferrari. It belongs to her multimillionaire husband Romain Zago.

  2. Steven says:

    I’d still rather have the 458 than her.. does that make me weird?

  3. Zain says:

    Yes it does.

  4. manuka says:

    @ Steven
    The car is a way better choice. Ugly Woman

  5. Tony R. says:

    Ugly woman?? Gay is Ok but… C’mon!

  6. Andrew says:

    I would fuck the shit out of her

  7. michael says:

    ugly slut

  8. Romero says:

    Come on she’s not ugly. She was voted the sexiest Swimsuit Model in the World (Maxim) and has also appeared twice on the cover of Playboy. You might like the car more than her, but to say she’s ugly?

  9. Aravind Nair says:

    i know it may be greedy….but i’d take both……the female and the ferrari…….

  10. khloy says:

    Wow, that is hot 😛

  11. Joey D says:

    she is hot! but love the 458 🙂

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