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Waka Flocka’s Rolls Royce: So Fresh And So Clean

Waka Flocka probably the only person driving around a Rolls Royce with a little tree's air freshener hanging from the rear view mirror. But hey, at least he has a Rolls Royce right?

waka flocka rolls royce

4 Responses to Waka Flocka’s Rolls Royce: So Fresh And So Clean

  1. Janne says:

    No Waka Flocka is not the only one.
    I have seen that Rick Ross artist Meek Mill has several Wunderbaum in both his white Rolls-Royce Ghost and matte black Aston Martin Rapide.

  2. Rutger says:

    He needs to put on his pants.

  3. angel says:

    waka floccka looks like a pregnant penguin about to have a banana.

  4. East Coast Operator says:

    Everything about Waka is dope and so is his Rolls, please stop the hating y’all.

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