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We’ll give you one guess who’s getting a ticket

Now can you guess how fast he was going?
Bieber getting pulled over

11 Responses to We’ll give you one guess who’s getting a ticket

  1. Sega says:

    Justin Bieber

  2. AK says:

    jb going 120mp/h

  3. whore says:

    its an electric car for homos, it cant go fast

  4. Charlie says:

    Justin Bieber. Does this mean he’s going to get deported?

  5. cz says:

    Justin Bieber, 160 km

  6. DallasDude says:

    jb parked in handicapped spot…where he belongs

  7. lambokilla says:

    justin going 105-110 MpH

  8. ZeeZee says:

    oh my gosh ok that is scary

  9. ZeeZee says:

    come on I’m fisker karma biggest fan it couldn’t possibly go slower than 360 but I think he was going 160

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