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Scott Disick Borrows Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari 458

Scott Disick was spotted running errands in what looks like Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari 458 Italia. That or he picked up one for himself too. What do you think? Scotts or Kim’s?

Scott Disick Ferrari 458

24 Responses to Scott Disick Borrows Kim Kardashian’s Ferrari 458

  1. JamesBMW says:

    Kim’s 458 is completely white whereas this one has a black roof so it’s not hers

  2. JamesBMW says:

    Kim’s is completely white where as this one has a black room so it’s not kim’s car

  3. Lala says:

    Yeah,that’s right it’s not Kim’s

  4. Marki says:

    I am pretty sure that is not even 458 italia. It looks to me like california from this point of view.

  5. Yoshi says:

    Looks like a 599 GTB Fiorano. Not a 458 Italia. Her ferrari does not have the black rims or black roof.

  6. John R. says:

    This IS a 458 and it has the exact same wheels and caliper colors as Kim’s, chances are it is Kim’s and when scott somehow got it he added a black roof to make it different, or kim added that her self. I would find it hard to believe he would get ANOTHER 458 with the same wheels and color as Kims but with a black roof.

  7. Ty says:

    Is it just me or does he look like Bale in American psycho?

  8. neeb says:

    This is Scott’s car!

  9. neeb says:

    yes… scott looks like an American Psycho

  10. nz says:

    Kardashian family goes through Ferraris like I go through toilet paper

  11. neeb says:

    more like how Kim rolls through guys.

  12. Ben says:

    Say what you guys want but the Kardashians (including Scott) are laughing all the way to the bank (in sick cars too, might I add).

  13. Pringles says:

    Ben, do us a favor and kiss my smelly ass!

  14. Ben says:

    @Pringles How mature. What kind of a name is Pringles anyhow? Believe me, I don’t like the Kardashians any more than the next guy. All I’m saying is that while you’re all sitting here trash talking them, they’re out buying cars like this. They wouldn’t be around if people didn’t care. And if you say you don’tm then riddle me this: why do posts about them on this site seem to generate the most comments?

    • Pringles says:

      You’re wrong, these phony mofos get paid because of the gay people who watch their show and not from Internet articles.

      • Ben says:

        While that is true, I was referring to the amount of interest that the Kardashians generate. These “phony mofos” have shows that are so successful because people are interested in them – what they wear, what they drive, where they live…They’re marketing machines and savvy business people to be able to create an entire brand based entirely on the name Kardashian.

  15. DUSS says:

    all i care aout is kim is fucking hot and has every car i have ever wanted… especially that new aventador she just bought. im deffinately not gonna hate on kim

  16. Sean says:

    What a lucky guy driving ferrari 458 with the black roof and black wheels, I guess it was kim ferrari, lucky guy he only the lucky driver of the ferrari 458 used for shopping running errands its so cool I wish I have mine too

  17. Logan Dash says:

    This isn’t Kim’s car her is white. However, if you must know Scott own his own Ferrari as well!

  18. Alex says:

    Honestly I think Kim gave the car to him because in pictures and on the show we only saw Kanyes McLaren and Kim’s Rolls in her garage? Where was the Ferrari? Also on instagram there was a picture of this ferrari in Scott and Kourtneys garage… Also on the show she said it was a wedding gift and she was asked by her step brother if she liked it and shes like yeah it’s alright. So now that Kim and Kanye like share cars I think she just gave him it and I also think Kris gave him her old white G Wagon

  19. URAMORON says:

    This car is for sale at Scottsdale Ferrari. They are saying it’s Kim’s but it’s not.

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