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Cheick Kongo Shows Off His Customized Challenger

French MMA and UFC fighter, Cheick Kongo stopped by Asanti Wheels to pick up his wide-body Dodge Challenger and do a behind the scenes video. What do you think of Kongo’s ride?

Check out the video below.

Cheick Kongo Challenger

Cheick Kongo Dodge Challenger



Photo Source: Our friends over at Asanti Wheels!

4 Responses to Cheick Kongo Shows Off His Customized Challenger

  1. Tapisco says:

    This muscle car is just great…
    I love it…

  2. TrstFundBaby says:

    Really? Color matched wheels? Uhhh. 2008 called.. u know the rest.

  3. Molle says:

    Big Block lightgreen modern america classisism. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger would be impressed! Highly glossy racing stripes 😉 Ah America land of the cars; you are what you drive 😉

  4. Beautiful colour matching wheels says:

    I missed colour matching wheels, even in the 80:ies so solid styling, just love it 😉

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