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Emilio Bonifacio Stays Practical With His Infiniti QX

Emilio BonifacioNot every baseball player gets a Camaro, Bentley, or Ferrari. Some of chose to keep it low key but filled with amenities such as Emilio Bonifacio of the Florida Marlins who is currently rolling a Infiniti QX on 22’s, maybe 24’s.

emilio bonifacio infiniti qx

8 Responses to Emilio Bonifacio Stays Practical With His Infiniti QX

  1. JCM says:

    I think it’s nice and the rims are a good touch also it’s just as good as a range rover with out the price tag and just goes to show you don’t need something majorly expensive to feel good It’s better to save all that money now so when you retire your not a broke ass has been that has to go on every commercial and put ur face on everything cause you wanted to be a baller when ur ass was working

  2. Matt says:

    The money he saved on his Infiniti, he spent on his Rolls Royce drophead coupe and Maybach 57S.

  3. JCM says:

    Matt lol good point hopefully he doesn’t end up a broke ass has been 🙂

  4. RUFke says:

    jcm, did you ever heard for punctuation?

  5. GMS says:

    RUFke, did you ever hear of proper grammar?

  6. Alfred says:

    Actually, this car is anything but low-key–it has some pretty hot rims, and the model itself is the top-rated luxury SUV. It has some pretty sick technology like a virtual-reality birds-eye image of the car which is constructed from several well-placed cameras. Can’t you guys say anything good about Infiniti or Lexus?

  7. Cyber man says:

    I much prefer his RR coupe!

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