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Chad Netherland: Master Of Strength and Car Enthusiast

Chad Netherland10-time Guinness World Record holder, Chad Netherland is the true master of strength and destruction. He holds more Guinness world records in martial arts and strength than anyone else in the world. Just a few of his talents include tearing phone books by hand, ripping decks of cards by hand, bending steel bars and nails by hand and driving a nail through a board by hand. But beyond being a guy you probably wouldn’t want to challenge in a strength competition, he’s also a huge car enthusiast and has been since he was a child.

“Growing up I had the Lamborghini Countach 500 poster on my wall next to the Porsche 959 and the Ferrari Testarossa not knowing that one day I would be able to drive all of them.” Netherland said.

Chad currently drives a blacked out Hummer H2 SUT with a body package. His top cars to drive for speed and performance include the Ferrari F430 for its amazing handling and performance, the Lotus Elise because it’s like driving a really fast go-cart, the Porsche 911 for great acceleration and handling and last but not least, the Lamborghini Diablo for its raw power.

Chad Netherland Hummer













Chad’s favorite car ever though is the Ferrari F430. “One of my favorite cars to drive has to be the Ferrari F430. I was filming in Las Vegas and had the opportunity to take the F430 around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at 140mph. It was AMAZING!” said Netherland ” I did however later that night hit 80mph between two traffic lights on Las Vegas blvd in a lotus…lol

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11 Responses to Chad Netherland: Master Of Strength and Car Enthusiast

  1. Ben says:

    He is really a master of car enthusiast.

  2. lindsey Piper says:

    Awesome!You’re HOT!!!

  3. Linda Netherland says:

    So proud of you !!

  4. Ben Johnson says:

    I just saw him on Stan Lee’s Superhumans. He is awesome!

  5. Ricky Barrett says:

    Yeah I saw him in Vegas.. Very cool!

  6. Sarah Larson says:

    So proud to know you! Miss you and the Mrs. Keep up the positive work!!

  7. seat covers for girls says:

    Having driven a Diablo I have to say that I was left with nothing but a deep sense of disappointment. Throughout my youth my walls were covered in Diablo and Countash posters, and over the years I imagined many times what it’d be like to get behind the wheel. The answer? Unmanageable. Clumsy. Frustratingly heavy.

    Saying that, I’m not going to argue with a guy who doesn’t need to use a hammer.

  8. John Frizerson says:

    I saw him perform in Vegas…Very cool!

  9. William Jackson says:

    He was on Stan Lee’s Superhumans last moth. Who knew he liked sweet cars too…lol

  10. Jim Jacobs says:

    Saw him just last week in the new Guinness book of records… He needs to do more tv stunts with cool cars.

  11. Jeff Bowman says:

    I looked up his website. http://Www.chadnetherland.com

    He’s also a comic book cartoon character… Lol

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