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Paris Introduces Her Ferrari To Beverly Hills

Looks like Paris Hilton isn’t going to keep this car in hiding like she did with her LFA. Paris and her sister Nicky were spotted leaving Barney’s in Beverly Hills with Paris’ new red Ferrari California.

Paris Hilton Ferrari California











Paris Hilton Ferrari California

7 Responses to Paris Introduces Her Ferrari To Beverly Hills

  1. lucas says:

    that car is seriously ugly/boring.
    but paris hilton looks like a diseased monkey. i bet she’s hiv+ too. why does anyone still follow her? nobody cares about here anymore, she’s irrelevant now. can’t stand that hideous big-foot freak! she needs to be punched in her face so hard.

  2. Md says:

    Does she drive stick? She seems to have good taste in cars.

  3. eduboris says:

    she’s blond so I would assume she doesn’t drive manual but she can ride stick….. lollll

  4. A says:

    Like Like Like!!!@eduboris

  5. CJ says:

    That can’t be Nicky!

  6. That Guy says:

    Ugh…Ferrari should be more discerning about who they sell their cars to

  7. tbuff says:

    Does this look like my kid’s car…

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