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Sweet Sixteen Rover For Kendall Jenner

Of course Kendall Jenner got a car for her sweet sixteen birthday and of course it was sitting outside with a big red bow on top. Would you really expect anything less from the Kardashian/Jenner family? According to TMZ, Kendall walked outside after dinner to find the 2012 black Range Rover waiting curbside. Being a teenager is so tough…

Kendall Jenner Range Rover

Source: TMZ

10 Responses to Sweet Sixteen Rover For Kendall Jenner

  1. CJ says:

    Kindve cheap for her parents to give her sport instead of a full-size range rover like Kim’s.

  2. marc says:

    why would she pick that thing over a beautiful (and quicker and better handling and more luxurious) mercedes, bmw or audi?

    i don’t get it…

  3. Dan Tole says:

    Lucky girl. Hopefully she takes good care of it.

  4. Brewster says:

    but can she drive? At sixteen, she’s a pretty good driver according to people close to her.

  5. A Playboy Bunny says:

    Yup just what I expected its the Range Rover obsessed family what a stupid car to get a teenager she should get something fun like a convertible at that age well hopefully she won’t let that fatass Kim sit on any of the seats cause we all know what’s going to happened

  6. Brawn says:

    They should have given her a beetle…lol

  7. Cain says:

    or a Lexus LFa

  8. Gutsy says:

    i’m thinking bmw motorcycle

  9. Sex Tape says:

    The new Rovers are super nice! Love the commercial in New York.

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