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Eric Dane Hauls The Family Around In A Rover

Eric Dane and his wife Rebecca Gayheart were spotted arriving at LAX in their family Range Rover. We have to say there’s nothing too “McSteamy” about this ride but because we know he drives a Porsche too, we’ll let it slide.

Eric Dane Range Rover


6 Responses to Eric Dane Hauls The Family Around In A Rover

  1. Lindsay says:

    I actually really love this color combo! The silver goes very well with the black and white interior.

  2. CJ says:

    He should have gotten it in black.

  3. Jcm says:

    I agree a black range rover is classic but the color combo he has is actually really good looking silver and black is always a good combo

  4. snob says:

    Should have gotten an S-Class. Perfect family sedan.

  5. John R says:

    Yeah, S-Class for himself, the yup-mobile for his wife.

  6. Waldo says:

    A lincoln navigator would do just fine. I find it unctuous to see another celeb in a rover – there’s too many of them.

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