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Pauly Sr.’s “Hurst Edition” Pontiac Trans Am

You need to have a lot of extra cash laying around or a slightly odd fascination with Trans Am’s to buy this one.

Paul Teutul A.K.A Pauly Sr. from American Choppers is selling this one of a kind “Hurst Edition” Trans Am. The car was built by Trans Am Depot and featured on American Choppers and the cover of Performance Pontiac Magazine. We’ll probably pass but if you have $125,000 laying around somewhere and would like a Trans Am for your garage it’s all yours. Take a look at the full eBay listing and more photos here.

Pauly Sr. Hurst Edition Pontiac Trans Am

Pauly Sr. Trans Am Hurst Edition

Pauly Sr. Trans Am Hurst Edition

4 Responses to Pauly Sr.’s “Hurst Edition” Pontiac Trans Am

  1. manuka says:

    Very ugly car

  2. LeLu says:

    Sorry, but if somebody pays that much for a kitted up Camaro, they are seriously stupid.

  3. RUFke says:

    Ok, than I’ll put ferrari logo on my audi, and call it Ferrari !

  4. Mat says:

    honestly i like the look of it but agree its way too overpriced for some remodeled firebird, but hey, if i had that money to throw around, i wouldnt mind havin it in my garage xD no one else has one of those

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