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Chord Overstreet: Casual Lotus Driver

So we didn’t know who Chord Overstreet was until we searched around (shocking, we know). Obviously we aren’t big Glee fans and we probably (definitely) wont be anytime soon but we do know one thing now and that’s that Chord Overstreet drives a Lotus Evora. We have to give the guy credit for driving something other than a Range Rover, Audi, or Mercedes that’s for sure.

6 Responses to Chord Overstreet: Casual Lotus Driver

  1. Auto Body Brooklyn Park says:

    lol, I know Chord Overstreet, he is from Glee. I didn’t know he was making that much to buy a Lotus. He only had a few episodes on Glee and before that he didn’t have that many IMDB credits. Here are some other Glee stars that would be cool to track down and find out what they drive; Cory Monteith, Mark Salling (he drives a Lexus which was keyed by co-star Naya Rivera, Naya Rivera and Kurt (forgot his last name). The show’s star, Lea Michele drives a Prius. Lots of pics of her in her Prius online.

  2. Erone says:

    Proud to say I have never watched an episode of Glee, so I have no idea who this guy is. If he hasn’t done that much, it’s probably a rental or lease. The Evora is a nice looking car though.

  3. DJL says:

    Never heard of this guy, but it’s nice to see a Hollyweird celeb showing some individuality and possibly some real car knowledge.

  4. Betty says:

    Chord Overstreet is known for his role as Sam Evans on Glee. Can’t believe he’s able to afford a Lotus right away. Oh well…

  5. rocky sly says:

    Hey, DJL! I like that – “hollyweird”. I’m all for lotus evora. Could be his dad’s ride.

  6. scottyscott says:

    This isn’t his car.. it belongs to Lotus. The car has Georgia plates, which happens to be where Lotus Cars USA is headquartered. Several of these were sent out for media and celebs to drive around (free advertising). Chord attended the US launch party in November 2010 in Hollywood.

    Likely he was paid to drive this car around town.

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