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Paris Hilton Matches Her Bentley

From the looks of this picture and a few others we have of Paris Hilton we’re beginning to think she really does coordinate her outfits to her Bentley. Paris was spotted next to her blue Bentley Continental in matching blue sweatpants, glasses and shoes. If only we could all have the luxury of picking what color Bentley we wanted for the day.

Paris Hilton Bentley Continental



4 Responses to Paris Hilton Matches Her Bentley

  1. Los Angeles Nissan says:

    Every girl would love to be able to coordinate her outfit with her car colors. Paris lives a very charmed life.

  2. pinkdiamonds says:

    Yeah the dog faced Hilton bitch does lead a very charmed life well she was just born into it she is one of the very few lucky ones that can shop all day for things she doesn’t need and parties all night and sleeps in until 12:00 in the afternoon but I can tell shes very empty inside and that hurts more than anything good luck bitch

  3. Lindsay says:

    Haha even worse than then Kim kardashian

  4. Hong Lindquist says:

    When you are bashing someone we like, we dont bother you!DO WE!

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