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Paul Stanley’s Mercedes-Benz SL500

KISS lead singer Paul Stanley’s 05′ Mercedes-Benz SL500 could be yours if you have the cash. This car looks beautiful inside and out. Ride like a rockstar!

Check out the eBay listing here.

Paul Stanley Mercedes Benz SL 500











Paul Stanley Mercedes Benz SL 500












Paul Stanley Mercedes Benz SL 500


3 Responses to Paul Stanley’s Mercedes-Benz SL500

  1. Ambient says:

    LMAO…1 MIL! Is this seller high?

    And the smoked lenses are cheesy as hell…that shit went out in the early 90’s.

  2. pinkdiamonds says:

    Are u fucking serious this car costs a million dollars! That’s insane yeah its either a miss print or the seller is either fucked in the head or high as the sky but its a pretty sick ride though yeah the tail lights do look kinda retarded but the black color is sick and the black rims are sweet I’m guessing the inside is black also huh LOL and the windows are tinted huh nice man haha that’s cute that little doll thing in front of the car its funny a nice addition and its a 2005 huh sweet I have no clue who this guy singer is though

  3. auto racing parts says:

    Yep, it certainly is for a rockstar! It certainly looks great!

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