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Paris Hilton Runs To The Gym In Her Bentley

If anyone can’t spot Paris Hilton‘s Bentley from a mile away they probably need their eyes checked.

Paris Hilton Bentley Continental










Paris was spotted heading to the gym in Hollywood recently after parking her bright pink Bentley Continental. What color Bentley would you have if you could choose?


4 Responses to Paris Hilton Runs To The Gym In Her Bentley

  1. pinkdiamonds says:

    Hmmmm that’s nice she still has the pink Bently huh cool, I know most people would love to see her put it in neutral and push it over cliff and watch it crash into a million pieces but I don’t know I like it, It’s her Barbie car I think she said once but Barbie had a pink Corvette she might wanna get a Corvette and spray it pink then she really would have Barbies car and put a lot of glitter in it if I had a Bently and could have it painted any color I wanted I would say a very light blue with a hint of silver in it and a hint of light purple in it well if she ever decides to sell this Bently on ebay I will try my hardest to buy it no matter how much it costs its mine next!!!

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m surprised that she needs to travel to a gym. Can’t she afford a personal trainer that does home visits? I think she should have got it in bright orange to remind her that the next time she acts up the only orange she’ll be sporting is her prison clothes. Now that’s hot!

  3. isaacjson says:

    Where is her yellow Lexus LFA?

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