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McLaren MP4-12C Crashes In Seattle

Who wreaks the first McLaren MP4-12C worth around $250,000 when on a test drive?? According to witnesses the McLaren’s rear passenger wheel became separated from the car. The photo below shows the McLaren being towed back to the garage where it was being stored.

Ultimate FAIL…

McLaren MP4 12C


4 Responses to McLaren MP4-12C Crashes In Seattle

  1. Ford Calabasas says:

    That is indeed embarrassing; waste of a gorgeous car. I heard of another recent incident where someone test driving an exotic car also crashed… Maybe they are nervous when test driving these cars thinking about the high costs?

  2. outlook 2010 says:

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  3. David says:

    The starting MSRP of this vehicle is $250,000, which is really very expensive. I had fallen in love with its exterior sportier styling, and I want to own it, but its very difficult.

  4. niki says:

    The exterior styling of it is very sporty, but too costly to afford buy a normal man.

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